A letter from our President and CEO

We're still here for you!


The last few weeks have been impossibly difficult for the Eastside and for our community as a whole.  As we have seen, one after another of our beloved partners and colleagues struggle to figure out the next steps for their businesses— and in many cases shut their doors, some temporarily, some permanently. Our hearts have broken a thousand times not only for them and their businesses and employees but for a way of life that has already changed significantly.


We are a small non-profit business, just like many of you, that feels your pain. We are streamlining our operating costs in order to continue working until we can resume our community service when the coast is clear to do so. We are fortunate that our business is supported in large part by partners who have the best interest of the Eastside, which allows us to continue working remotely, primarily online and secondarily by phone. Mercifully for us, we are still able to operate from home so that we can help you as much as possible. If you've ever spoken to me, you know that I always say that "It Takes a Village" and this is a perfect example of how we need to come together and support each other.


As I mentioned earlier, we are still here for you. Our staff has compiled some resources below and we hope that some of them work for you.


We still have our Store Front Grant Program, we still have our SAGE Back Office Program to assist with finance and grant needs, and we are still here to support our community in the best way we know how. 


We are in this together. Take care of yourself and others!



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