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SAGE Equity Fund

An Investment in

the Growth of

Your Business

The SAGE Equity Fund operates like a venture capital fund, making equity investments in businesses that are expanding or locating in the Eastside Promise Zone. It was created in 2014 with a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Community Economic Development (CED) Program, as a new source of capital to support business development on the Eastside.

Equity investments made by the fund provide new opportunities for Eastside businesses and support job growth, a key goal of the HHS Community Economic Development Program. To qualify for the program, your company must commit to creating at least one new full-time job for every $10,000 SAGE invests in your business, with at least 75% of the jobs you create going to certified low-income individuals.

Investing in You

When the fund makes an equity investment in a company, SAGE acquires an ownership interest and, like other owners, receives a share of profits or of proceeds from the sale of the business. The percentage of ownership SAGE receives is determined by the value of your business at the time the investment is made.

SAGE Equity Fund investments can be used to support the purchase or renovation of facilities, the acquisition of new equipment or technology, increased sales or marketing efforts, expanded operations and staffing, or other areas your business needs to grow.

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