Store Front Grant

Putting Your Best Face Forward

The SAGE Store Front Grant Program is a matching grant program. It provides grants of up to $10,000 for façade improvement (visible from street view) projects at your business. All grant funds must be matched dollar for dollar by the property owner. Store Front Grants will only be awarded to commercial property owners located within the SAGE service area, the Promise Zone.


126 store fronts, to date, have received a SAGE Store Front Grant, with a total investment of over $1.2 million in Eastside business façade improvements.

  • Applicant must complete the Store Front Grant Application

  • Property must be zoned appropriately for the proposed use. Click to see if you're in the zone.

  • Project must be approved and permitted by proper governmental authorities

  • Applicant must provide a project budget and task list

  • Applicant must provide financial statements for the business covering the previous 12 months

  • Applicant must provide proof of availability of matching funds

  • Applicant must provide a current lease and tenant information IF you do not operate a business on the property that you own.

Store Front Grant Application 

Required Documents 

  • Project Budget and Task List

  • Proof of Matching Funds

  • Business Balance Sheet and Income Statements (for the last 12 months)

  • Pictures of needed improvements 

  • Copy of current lease agreement if this is an investor owned property

*All of the documents above must be emailed to in order to be considered for the SAGE Store Front Grant*

Upon Completion

Upon completion of this application and submission of all required documentation, this package will be forwarded to the SAGE Grant Review Committee for review and, if recommended by the committee, will be presented at the next SAGE Board meeting for approval. Before any funds are disbursed, the applicant must sign an agreement verifying that the funds received will be used only as stated in this application.

Store Front Grant Agreement

By checking the box below, I/Authorized Agent for applicant certify that the information on the applicant and it's principals contained in this application and on any attachments is representative of the applicant's current financial condition. I further certify that the property identified in this application is not subject to any tax, mechanics or other liens not identified in this application and that this business and all listed owners are in good standing with all local, state and federal taxing entities. I also certify that no tenant will be required to provide (outside of their normal lease payment) any portion of the matching funds for this grant. San Antonio for Growth on the Eastside or its agents may verify information contained in this application. The application and any other information furnished will remain the property San Antonio for Growth on the Eastside. I understand that any grant funds awarded are provided in part by the City of San Antonio through a contract with San Antonio for Growth on the Eastside.


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