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TownHall Meeting Videos

Tune in for SAGE's TownHall meetings.

TownHall Meeting

Tune in to listen to the Eastside Revitalization Study Results & Listening Tour as guest speaker Matt Prosser, who is the Economic and Planning Executive Vice President, shares a review of the Eastside's potential for growth, infrastructure, advancement, and community developement.

Small Business TownHall  8.11.22

Join us as we discuss with B Michele, CEO of B Michele Branding Agency, about marketing and brand development that can take your business to the next level!

Small Business TownHall 7.14.22

Join us in this video as we discuss how Ready to Work is a tuition-free educational and job placement program to help San Antonio residents improve their quality of life and to connect employers to trained workers.

Small Business TownHall  5.19.22

Join SAGE's CEO, Robert Melvin, as he discusses with Sineria Ordonez from Comerica Bank about the importance of financial literacy: Business Credits and Loans.

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