At the midpoint of the first decade of the new century, San Antonio began to experience an economic renaissance. While development and growth was taking place, there was, and continues to be, an overwhelming concern that something equitable needed to be done to include the Eastside Community in the growing prosperity. There was consensus that the area needed a credible economic development organization (EDO) to formulate a plan of action that would include all facets of the Eastside.

There was, at that time, an organization called the Community Economic Revitalization Agency (CERA) that was in the process of disintegrating. It was decided that CERA needed to be revised or a new EDO was needed to fulfill promises from the past and chart a new mission for the future. With a new name, governance structure, and purpose, the new EDO was named San Antonio for Growth on the Eastside (SAGE) and emerged in 2008.

As a standalone 501(c)3, we receive funding from both public and private sources, including the City of San Antonio. We identify the needs of the Eastside business community and provide assistance to businesses that already have a foothold in our commercial corridor.

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SAGE champions investments that improves the quality of life for individuals, families, neighborhoods and businesses on San Antonio’s Eastside.

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